Eli (they/them/he/him) is a queer artist that creates at the intersection of mysticism, spirituality,  gender, and a myriad of forms of truth and authenticity.

My vision as an artist is to share my inner world of spirits, gods, saints and angels with the world through paintings, sculpture and ceramics. I am creating a world where there is no lack or inequity, so I use my art to bolster, support and shine light on marginalized communities, as well as to inspire, lift and empower members of these communities (and their businesses).

My mission as a business is to help other artists, charitable organizations and minority owned businesses through my artistry, and by collaborating with these orgs/artists/biz owners to help with fundraising efforts while offering high quality fine art. Our business model seeks a comfortable living wage for myself, while making environmentally and socially sound decisions that reflect the triple bottom line approach (people, planet, profit).