Hello and Welcome!

Like my life, this site touches on art, movement, mysticism and magic. I speak equally in poetry, prose, rhythm, silence and movement. This is my ministry, my mission, my manifesto, my charge. This is me.

My name is Elige “Eli” Stewart, and I wear many hats. I am a psychic medium, yoga and movement instructor, spirit artist, visionary mystic and ecstatic witch. To sum it up, I “listen” to what others don’t really hear/see/know/feel, and then I give it expression.

As part of my focus, I share my art, my writing, classes, and videos. I am also available for one on one classes, coaching, and readings.

phone 517-574-3132   email   elige@eligestewart.com  

For more information on the readings or spirit art that I offer, visit www.PsychicSpiritArt.com.

My Vision

I have struggled to find and articulate the wording and concepts of my personal, professional, spiritual and artistic visions over the years. Trying to put them into words for this site has been quite the daunting task.

First and foremost, I treat this intersection as my calling, my personal ministry. My work with spirit, my work with movement, my work with creativity – these are the pillars that mark out the sacred circle that I work within. This circle marks out the space for healing to occur through heartfelt and authentic connection to one one another, and this can take on many different forms.   This is the essence of what I’m attempting to do.

By traditional business standards, my business model is horrible. I  am choosing to trust.  Digitally based media will soon be available on the website for download, such as guided meditations, and if you enjoy them I invite you to pay what you can afford by donation through Paypal.  I will also make myself occasionally available for a limited number of mini-readings at by donation through PayPal that I’ll announce through social media.

I do this as a way to make these services available to those that may not be able to afford them otherwise.

My yoga classes are connected in such a way that they are a practice to help develop  a direct link to spirit, give creative expression and freedom of movement through yoga, or provide and facilitate a safe trauma sensitive space for underserved or marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community.

All of these expressions of my vision stem from this core statement that I’ve adopted as my personal mantra: Authenticity. Creativity. Connection. These are the tenets that are currently informing my life. Is this my truth? What am I creating in this action/moment/thought/pattern? How am I connected to this/Who is this connecting me with?  These questions have driven me into a much happier and more fulfilled life, where I’ve been able to find a balance between art, spiritual work, movement, volunteerism, and personal fulfillment.