Hello, I’m Eli. Welcome to my website!

I like to think of myself as someone who shares Insight, Inspiration and Wellness through Mysticism and Movement. What this translates into is a variety of services that all translate back to one point – Growth!

My personal maxim is Authenticity, Creativity & Connection. I strive to help others find, embrace, nurture and grow their most authentic self through a bevy of different tools. This site focuses on my offerings in the Movement, Fitness and Wellness Arts, as well as containing my own personal voice in the shape of my blog.

The Services page in the menu will tell you about the various services that I offer, and the Online Store will open to my online store through Square, where you can purchase different services I offer or register for classes and events.

If you’re more interesting in my more metaphysically leaning services, visit PsychicSpiritArt.com where you can learn more about the psychic readings, spirit art and spiritual development classes that I offer.


phone 517-574-3132   email  bellydance.eli@gmail.com  

For more information on the readings or spirit art that I offer, visit www.PsychicSpiritArt.com.