Hello and Welcome!

Like my life, this site touches on art, movement, mysticism and magic. I speak equally in poetry, prose, rhythm, silence and movement. This is my ministry, my mission, my manifesto, my charge. This is me.

My name is Elige “Eli” Stewart, and I wear many hats. I am a psychic medium, yoga and movement instructor, spirit artist, visionary mystic and ecstatic witch. To sum it up, I “listen” to what others don’t really hear/see/know/feel, and then I give it expression.

As part of my focus, I share my art, my writing, classes, and videos. I am also available for one on one classes, coaching, and readings.



phone 517-574-3132   email   elige@eligestewart.com  

For more information on the readings or spirit art that I offer, visit www.PsychicSpiritArt.com.