Pardon the dust while I streamline and update the site! I’m hoping to have everything settled here and at http://www.PsychicSpiritArt.com by May 1st 2018!


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Elige “Eli” Stewart, and I wear many hats. I am a psychic medium, yoga and movement instructor, spirit artist, visionary mystic and ecstatic witch. To sum it up, I “listen” to what others don’t really hear/see/know/feel, and then I give it expression.

This site is focused on my offerings outside of my personal one-on-one consultations. (To learn more about the psychic and mediumship readings that I offer, as well as psychic and spirit art sittings, visit PsychicSpiritArt.com.) The content of this site is divided into Magical, Mystical, Movement and Multi-Media Arts.

The Magical Arts align our consciousness with the unseen forces that surround us to create positive change in accordance with our focused will, and frequently use tools, talismans, and various implements that vary from culture to culture/belief system to belief system. The Magical Arts link will direct you to my offerings of conjure art and handcrafted magical wares available for purchase.

The Mystical Arts are those that align our consciousness in a more passive or receptive way than the magical arts are designed to do, with the ultimate goal being connection with something much greater than self (i.e. the Divine and realms of Spirit).  This includes the psychic arts and mediumship, as well as various tools of self development.  The Mystical Arts link will connect you with the any resources I have available, including blog posts, links to YouTube videos and anything else I can scare up.

The Movement Arts are pretty self explanatory, and are one of my primary ways of expressing my personal Magic and Mystical connections. Here, I will share information about yoga, dance, and movement in connection to spirituality, creativity and wellness.

The MultiMedia Arts page gives you a chance to see examples of my work as an artist. This page includes a gallery of my fine art, as well as information about my artistic processes.

As part of my focus, I share my art, my writing, classes, and videos. I am also available for one on one classes, coaching, and readings.

phone 517-574-3132   email   elige@eligestewart.com  

For more information on the readings or spirit art that I offer, visit www.PsychicSpiritArt.com.