The Art of Eli Stewart

Welcome to the Art of Eli Stewart.

Eli (they/them) is a visual artist that creates at the intersection of mysticism, spirituality,  gender, and a myriad of forms of truth and authenticity. At this time, they work in mixed media, utilizing such tools as oil paints, acrylics, inks, collage and printmaking.

“The inner worlds and outer worlds equally inform my art. My experiences and perceptions swirl together until they begin to take shape on the canvas.  Each image begins to develop its own rhythm, it’s own personality and voice, until it finally breathes itself into being.  These paintings aren’t meant to tell a story so much as have a conversation with the viewer.  It is my hope that my art is able to spark within the viewer a sense of magic and mystical gnosis, and hint at the mysteries of Spirit while uplifting and bringing awareness to various marginalized communities. ” – Eli Stewart

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