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A bit about me….


So here is a random smattering of info about me to help you understand a bit more of my motivations behind why I’ve made some of the choices I’ve made in putting together this site.

I work as a psychic medium and spirit artist, as well as teaching yoga. Though this is my ‘professional life’, I spend the better chunk of my time volunteering and creating.  I work with a handful of organizations on a volunteer basis that allow me to give back to the community in a variety of ways. This is one of my deepest passions, and feeds my soul.

I live with a seizure disorder that currently requires me to be on some medication. I struggle to not let this define me, but this is also part of who I am.  I have been able to grow and I no longer see the condition as a ‘disease’, as much as it is just a part of my makeup. It informs my art, my spiritual practice, and my daily life, but it doesn’t define me.

I lived through a sexual assault a couple of years ago. This was probably the single most pivotal point in my life to date. I have to make the conscious choice to be open about it, because my natural tendency is to be very guarded about it, but I also feel like it’s important that people know that we aren’t alone. If someone isn’t willing to open the conversation, then we can sit in silence. And to borrow from the AIDS awareness campaign of the 90’s, Silence=Death.  (It’s sometimes hard to remember though, that this is just a small fraction of my experience. A tiny moment that carries a heavy weight in the make up of who I am.)

My personal spiritual practices are those of the hedgewitch, edgedweller or ecstatic mystic variety.  In other words, I play with boundaries. I like to have a foot in each world (it’s more fun dancing that way).  Nothing is taboo. Everything is sacred. (***I should note that some people automatically affiliate the term “hedgewitch” with drug use……Don’t. There are LOTS of ways of crossing the hedge into the other worlds, and if someone is using their spiritual path as a front for addiction, or as an excuse to just get high – they are doing just that and not engaging in a meaningful spiritual path.)

In the vein of being in that ‘in-between’, I identify as being queer. Now, for most folks reading this, you may just nod and see it as being a fancy word choice for gay.  This is not the case though, at least not to me, and not to many in the LGBTQ+ community.  While I am still comfortable with the label ‘gay’, queer is a better term to fit me for several reasons. First, queer also means odd, whereas gay also means happy. I’m always a bit odd, but trying to live up to the standard of being perpetually “happy and gay”…..I’m not a fucking unicorn that shits rainbows and sunshine (though how cool would that be).   Second, queer implies a spectrum of inclusiveness, an umbrella of otherness (even if you can’t neatly define what that otherness is just yet).  I’m there. I’m in.  Third, queer has the right sound to my ears. I can’t explain it beyond that, but it does. And finally, as I get to know myself better and better, I find that I don’t fit as neatly into the gender categories as I once did. I just stopped caring about expectations placed upon me based upon gender. I also just don’t think of myself in terms of gender. I just…don’t….care about how others would define me, and I’m comfortable sitting in a space that lacks a certain level of definition. So, I am a gay man, but more descriptively, I am queer.

I do not especially enjoy technology.  I see social media as a necessary evil (and an amazing time sucking entity).  But, I work with it as best I can. I can be slow responding to messages I receive through social media, mostly because I don’t always get the notifications so if you need to reach me – text me.

I have many pet peeve, and twice as many quirks. Do NOT disrespect someone around me. This means racist/misogynistic/sexist/derogatory comments of any kind. Also, don’t fucking mis-gender a person. Slip ups happen (I am guilty of this), but don’t do it out of disrespect because I will come for blood.

I will stop in the middle of a sentence to look up the correct usage or conjugation of a word that I’m unsure of. (Grammar. It’s a thing.) I’m very emotional. I’m a good Pisces that way. I cry a lot. No, I’m not depressed. I’m just sensitive and expressive, and I’m not afraid of tears.  No, when I bellydance, I don’t do it in drag. No, I don’t have a constant stream of dead people trying to talk to me all of the time. (There is an off-switch). No, I’m not reading your thoughts right now. (I don’t randomly read people without permission, and even then it isn’t like THAT.)

Yes, I have a ‘daily’ yoga practice (the amount and type of yoga varies by the day).  Yes, I have a daily spiritual practice. Yes, I’m probably wearing eyeliner. Yes, my name(s) can be confusing. Elige is my given name (pronounced like Elijah, without the -ah). I finally just started going by Eli for the sake of ease and simplicity, and frankly I sort of wanted a fresh start.  And yes, I will probably answer your question, so be careful what you ask.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the rest of my website,


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  1. You are absolutely awesome. I just love who you are.

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