Auragraph demo

Here is a time lapse video of an interesting mash-up I did – I had Milo task me as if I were going to do a remote viewing session (so I was completely blind to the target question) and I then produced an auragraph in response. (This is shared here as a link to the YouTube video, as I’m having some trouble embedding the video. )

What I found during this little experiment was that I felt incredibly rushed (and the quality of the picture reflects that, for sure) but the impressions that came through were very applicable/accurate for the question posed. (At the end of the video, you can see me pick up the envelope to open it. The question was in relation to a good friend of ours, but after seeing the question, I decided to not share their name in the video, because I don’t put other’s business out on front street. )

I am aware that I don’t yet have a proper demo video for an auragraph, but I will be putting one together very soon.

An auragraph is a drawn representation of the information that comes through during a psychic contract. This is a common tool used by psychic artists in the UK, though it is far less popular here in the US.

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