“Figures” Series

The “Figures” Series

Mixed Media/Oil painting on canvas

10 x 30 inches

$330 for individual painting; $550 for a pair

The Figures Series celebrates beauty across the spectrum of body types. The color schemes for each painting represent different emotional qualities and how they manifest within the body (as opposed to on the face). An alternative name that I considered for this series was “Body Language”, and this series unintentionally shows my personal weakness for a red head. (Seriously, I didn’t realize that 50% of the paintings in this series are ginger until I was today years old. What can I say – Redheads are gorgeous.)

Blue represents balance, justice, strength and divinity, while Reds and Oranges emphasize sensuality in this series. Yellow is a color of mentality, autonomy, and focus, while Green celebrates growth, birth, and healing.

How does this series speak to you? What does it say? Does one painting speak more loudly to you than the others? Please share your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you think!

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