About Eli

I look so serious here, but I was honestly just spaced out.

Hi there. I’m Eli (they/them/he/him) and I have been working as a psychic medium for over 20 years. I like to use my intuitive talents to help people find fresh perspectives and creative solutions to challenges that they are facing. I also help people connect with loved ones that have passed away through evidential mediumship.

I have studied many modalities and spiritual paths over the years, including conjure/hoodoo, remote viewing, spiritualism, Reiki, astrology, medical intuition and traditional & folk witchery. I have had many roles in my career – teacher, research psychic/medium, minister and advisor to name a few.

I can’t NOT have a creative outlet. It ranks up there with food and shelter in my personal hierarchy of needs. I also have a need to create a world of peace, harmony, equity and celebration, so naturally I want to achieve this world through the sharing of my artistry.

I currently live in Perry, Michigan, with my fiance Milo, along with our menagerie of therapy plants and emotional support crystals. I have recently come to understand that I live with chronic illness and am neurodivergent. This understanding has been pivotal in my journey of self awareness, and has informed my practices to help me to live my happiest healthiest life possible. (This was only made possible by taking a sabbatical from my work as a psychic medium, with a great deal of shadow work, therapy, and the help of my fiance, Milo.) Now I have a better understanding of how to be of service without sacrificing my own well being.

Ultimately, what I provide is a service of insight and healing, through my readings, teachings and art. It is my goal that with each session, I am able to help you to highlight your path, heal your spirit, and achieve your dreams with the most joy, inspiration and good fortune possible!

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