Eli has appeared in media ranging from local news, magazine articles, as a featured podcast and radio guest, as well as appearances on television programs filmed in Michigan over the past two decades. Here are a few selected media appearances that they have made.

This page is currently being reworked to feature more examples of Eli in the media. Check back soon for an updated list of appearances.

Print Media Appearances

Voyager Magazine Article

To Fly By Night: The Craft of the Hedgewitch, edited by Veronica Cummer. 2010 (An anthology of hedgewitchery practices, in which Eli contributed 2 articles as Elige Stewart)

Early and Contemporary Spirit Artists, Psychic Artists and Medium Painters from 5000 BC to Present Day, vol. 6, by Maximillien de Lafayette.

Radio and Podcast Appearances

Here are a few appearances on Journey Into Light Radio. The first recording is of an interview I did, and the second and third are on-air readings.

Eli’s Interview on Journey Into Light
On Air Reading, Journey into Light
Second On Air Reading, Journey into Light