Most of my creative work is centered around my practices as a mystic. It all boils back down to my interpretation and conveyance of connection. Art is my way of inviting you into the most intimate spaces of my spiritual practice.

The creative components of the soundscapes/music I use as a background for the guided meditations that I record are designed to synesthetic roadmaps into the spirit spaces and/or mental states where I’ve had my own direct experiences within. I experiment a great deal with sound, and I’ve been very into blending traditional tools used for meditations or journey work (such as drums or rattles) with eerie sounds and ambient music to create a unique and soothing backdrop. I’ve found this to be very effective for achieving a lovely deep altered stated of awareness.

Spirit portraiture is pretty much as straightforward as it sounds. I draw or paint a portrait of a deceased loved one that I connect with during a reading session. I do something similar with spirit guides, though this is less evidential in it’s format since there isn’t usually anything to compare the portrait to once we’re finished.

What I term Spirit Art conveys more abstract information. This may come in a structured form, like an auragraph that’s created during a reading session (which is NOT a picture of the aura, but a visual representation of the energies and symbolic imagery that are presented during the reading process. Yeah, I know. Totally confusing name. Don’t blame me – it’s a term coined originally in British spiritualism.)  Spirit Art can be much more abstract as well though, and is essentially any visual interpretation of the spiritual or energetic realm.  In essence, if Spirit has inspired it and I have attempted to express this visually in some way, this is what I call Spirit Art.

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