Guided Visualizations

Dear Seekers,

Download away! I’ve decided to offer these on the ‘pay what you want’ philosophy of digital commerce. If the work speaks to you, then I want you to have access to it.  I’m taking a page from Amanda Palmer here, and I’m trusting.

Artist and Spiritual Workers are very similar in the way that we make our living. Ultimately, what it is happening is an exchange – we support our community through our work, and in turn, our community steps up to support us.

So, if you’re broke, take it. Come back later and kick in when it won’t be a hardship. If you’re not broke, kick in whatever value you find in the meditations, writings, and art that are shared through this website.

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So without further ado, I offer you…..

The 2010 Sessions

These were the first set of recordings that I made. The background music was created by James Wortz and myself, and the quality of the recordings are not as good as I would like, as I was just learning to use the software and microphone. I recorded most of these to help my students, and there was a huge learning curve for me with the technology!

TO DOWNLOAD: On your computer, right click on the mp3, then go down to ‘Save As’. (I am working on finding a better way to share these.)

Meeting Your Spirit Guide – This is a cornerstone meditative visualization that you’ll find in most Mediumship 101 classes. You can use this visualization to meet with each of your guides individually.

 Directionality of Messages – Once you’ve established a connection with your guides, it’s helpful to understand how they communicate with you. This visualization helps you to begin to sort out which guide is communicating with you base upon where you sense them.

 Inspired Writing – This is a guided exercise to help you to achieve a connection to the spirit realm through inspired writing. (Automatic writing is where you allow a spirit to take over your hand and write. Inspired writing is a different – and spiritually safer – process for people who are just beginning to open to their intuition.)

 Elemental Breathing – Breathe the life of each of the elements! Develop a relationship with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This technique is used to charge your aura with elemental energy for communion, healing or spellwork.

 The Fool’s Journey (Pythagorean Tarot Trumps) – This is a LOOOONNNNNGGG guided journey. I was gifted several years ago with a deck of the Pythagorean Tarot created by John Opsopaus. The major arcana had been rearranged in the deck to flow with Pythagorean philosophies. It threw me for a loop, so I began some intensive journey work with the deck, and when a few friends of mine began working with the deck as well, I created this guided journey through the trumps to help them make a better connection. Even though the Majors aren’t in the traditional order, this has become one of the meditation recordings I’m most often asked for. (I will be creating a Journey of the Fool based upon traditional placements.)