Conjure Art

Conjure is a form of folk magic and healing from the American south with it’s roots in African traditional religions.  These various folk magic traditions were brought over with the slave trade, interspersed with European and Native American folklore, and syncretized with Christianity giving birth to a uniquely American form of magic and healing.

As a spiritual worker/root doctor/conjure artist, I create a variety of charms, dolls and items used to bring blessings, create opportunity, draw love and prosperity, as well as give a connection to the spirits and ancestors.

I also handcraft a variety of supplies used in conjure workings.  All items are carefully and lovingly crafted with care, prayed over, ‘fed, dressed and blessed’ in the the tradition of the Appalachian conjure practice passed down through my family.

Here are some examples of various pieces of my conjure art. Each piece of art is crafted specifically for the person commissioning the piece, with their needs and desires at the heart of the creation of the piece.  This is a selection of pieces (many taken while they were works in progress) that I’ve created over the years.

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Inquiries about commissioning conjure art can be directed to Completed non-customized pieces will be available through my online store at