I made a kiln! (And other adventures)

Well, this mercury retrograde has officially kicked my ass! Perhaps if I had just stayed focused on the art exhibition I’m participating in this Wednesday, or the proofs for the magazine article about my psychic art coming out this week, maybe I wouldn’t be so sore or tired. But, being me, I just can’t sit still, so yesterday I decided it was time to build the primitive kiln that I picked up the supplies for last year (when I was combating the anxiety of a surgery with retail therapy aimed at my hyperfixation of that moment – ceramics. ) We still haven’t thought of a name for her yet, so if you have any ideas – leave a comment! I’d love to hear them!

I’m actually super excited for my tiny primitive updraft kiln. I’ve been experimenting with sculpting and taking my art into three dimensions for a while now. Hopefully I’ll have some pretty things to show within a couple of weeks! Until then, I’ll just leave a couple of pictures of the fruits of my labor, while I pop some pain relievers and get ready for the psychic detective class my fiance and I are taking with the amazing and wonderful Pam Coronado!

Brightest blessings all you love bugs!

Our baby kiln in all her glory!
Inside of our baby kiln

“Figures” Series

The “Figures” Series

Mixed Media/Oil painting on canvas

10 x 30 inches

$330 for individual painting; $550 for a pair

The Figures Series celebrates beauty across the spectrum of body types. The color schemes for each painting represent different emotional qualities and how they manifest within the body (as opposed to on the face). An alternative name that I considered for this series was “Body Language”, and this series unintentionally shows my personal weakness for a red head. (Seriously, I didn’t realize that 50% of the paintings in this series are ginger until I was today years old. What can I say – Redheads are gorgeous.)

Blue represents balance, justice, strength and divinity, while Reds and Oranges emphasize sensuality in this series. Yellow is a color of mentality, autonomy, and focus, while Green celebrates growth, birth, and healing.

How does this series speak to you? What does it say? Does one painting speak more loudly to you than the others? Please share your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you think!

Auragraph demo


Here is a time lapse video of an interesting mash-up I did – I had Milo task me as if I were going to do a remote viewing session (so I was completely blind to the target question) and I then produced an auragraph in response. (This is shared here as a link to the YouTube video, as I’m having some trouble embedding the video. )

What I found during this little experiment was that I felt incredibly rushed (and the quality of the picture reflects that, for sure) but the impressions that came through were very applicable/accurate for the question posed. (At the end of the video, you can see me pick up the envelope to open it. The question was in relation to a good friend of ours, but after seeing the question, I decided to not share their name in the video, because I don’t put other’s business out on front street. )

I am aware that I don’t yet have a proper demo video for an auragraph, but I will be putting one together very soon.

An auragraph is a drawn representation of the information that comes through during a psychic contract. This is a common tool used by psychic artists in the UK, though it is far less popular here in the US.

The Psychic Senses Workshop

This is VERY raw footage of the workshop – The Psychic Senses – that was held at Oracle’s Apothecary in Lansing, MI on 4/23/2022

My video editing skills are non-existent, which means that you will see the camera fall off of the tripod a couple of times, and you can’t really see what’s being written on the dry erase board. I also was a bit overzealous with the exercise, and chose 12 targets instead of the planned upon 8. I’ve placed the outline I used for the class under the videos, which should give you an idea of what’s written on the dry erase board.

I wanted to mention this before you even get started watching – You have to be willing to get stuff wrong. Classes are a space for you to try things that are out of your comfort zone, and in this kind of class, you WILL be wrong. If you’re not getting stuff wrong, then you aren’t pushing your boundaries, which means you aren’t learning. The more you’re willing to be wrong, the faster you will learn how to get it right!

If you have any questions, message me and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can!

Psychic Sense Workshop Outline


·         Bio

·         Vibrational Beings

·         Nucleus=Peanut, Atom =  Stadium

·         All human mass = Sugar cube

·         Explain what we are covering  

10 min


Physical Senses – Write out

·         Sight

o   Rods, Cones, Depth Perception

·         Smell

o   Chemical composition

·         Taste

o   Chemical composition, “don’t eat that”

·         Touch

o   Temperature, Texture/Pressure, Pain

·         Hearing

o   Sound, Directionality, Balance

·         Ambiance

o   Change in the environment

·         Feeling/Emotion

·         Center of Gravity

·         Proprioception

o   Where we are in physical space

·         Time

·         Why? – Psychic senses come into mind analogous to the physical senses


20 min

10:00 – 30:00


·         Pattern Recognition

·         Putting together the puzzle pieces

·         Sense of Connection

·         7 degrees of Kevin Bacon

·         Iceberg diagram – Conscious, Limin/Subconscious, Unconscious, the Matrix

15 min


Psychic Senses

·         Body as antennae and processor

·         Clairvoyance – sight, color, shadow, depth

·         Clairgustance (taste)

·         Clairalience (smell)

·         Clairaudience – sound, directionality, balance

·         Clairsentience – touch (texture, pain, temp), feeling (emotion), ambiance

·         Claircognizance – just kinda know

15 min

45:00 – 60:00

Rule of Engagement

·         Ask the right questions

·         Imagination – 4 sec rule (4-6 emotion)

·         Objective vs Subjective, symbolism

·         Where is the impression within my body?


·         Body dowsing

Video 2

0 – 15 minutes

Crystal break

Set up for exercise

5 min



8 targets under bowls

2 crystals, 2 people photos, 2 textures, 2 herbals

Gather 3+ impressions each

Reveal 2/2/2/2 – guess which is which

Full Reveal

25:00 – 50:00

Q and A


10 min



Invite to Psy Dev class

Explain Psy Dev Series (1 – sensory, 2 – reading, 3 – Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Divination, Psy Art)

5 min