Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a reading?

All readings involve making an energetic connection between the reader and the person getting a reading. The reader will then interpret impressions we receive through our inner senses and share them with the person getting the reading. If it is a mediumship sitting, then this information will involve communications from someone in Spirit. A reader may use a tool to focus their psychic senses and intuition, such as tarot or playing cards, crystal ball gazing, or even astrology or numerology. We tend to use the tools most appropriate to the client’s question or focus for the reading.

What’s being psychic like?

Well, everyone has access to their psychic senses – “psychics” just have practiced a lot with them. Psychic impressions are not the overwhelming visions seen in movies or the conversational telepathy you see in comic books. Impressions take place in the same space of the mind as memory and imagination (a space of mind I call the sensorium). We have to learn the difference between our imaginative thoughts, our memory experiences, sensory information that is currently coming in from our eyes/ears/nose/etc and the psychic sensory information that we receive. All of these impressions are connected and interpreted by our intuition (which you can think of as your innate ability to see patterns and put puzzle pieces together). So being psychic is less like calling up your dead grandma on the phone for a conversation, and more like a crazy game of multi-sensory charades.

How does your psychic Art stuff work?

My psychic art has 2 different forms. Auragraphs are comprised of impressions I receive psychicly and that I commit to paper as a visual representation of your reading. Spirit portraits occur differently, and not every spirit contact can come through as a portrait. Spirit portraits for me come through as a feeling that flows into inspired or automatic drawing. If I can see visual information from a spirit, I usually can’t draw them. (If I’m seeing it, it’s coming in flashes like a nose, then an eye, then left ear, and so on, so it isn’t a complete picture that I can just draw.) So this means that not every connection I have with Spirit can produce a spirit portrait (I have better results with spirit guides because guides have more extensive experience with communicating). Sometimes the spirit being drawn is completely different than the one who is communicating “verbal” information.

What’s the difference between…../what does this term mean?

These are loaded questions that deserve more than a quick sentence on an FAQ page. I’ll be posting links here to blog posts that address these kinds of questions.

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