Each section showcases works of art by Eli. Many of these originals are available for purchase, and select pieces are available in fine art giclee prints as well as on various products in the online shop.

If you are interested in purchasing or inquiring about an original piece of art, contact us here.

Lips Collection

The Lips Collection came about as an exploration of gender dynamics, and a commentary on the arbitrary nature of color associated with gender. While pink and blue are associated with female and male, yellow is the color adopted by those that are of a non-binary gender identity. Circles are a symbol of connection to humanity, community and Spirit, and are present in each piece to affirm our connection to one another.

Divine Ancestors Collection

The Divine Ancestors Collection calls upon archetypal truths, but expressed in a modern day voice. These beings explore the voice of spirit in relatable terms. These modern day mysteries evoke a sense of sensuality, strength, beauty and creativity. Invite them into your life and onto your wall!