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Movement is a huge part of my spiritual practice and creative expression. Movement can lead to a stillness and clarity, a knowledge of self that is difficult to achieve through sitting meditation alone. I also revel in the creative expression found in movement, and the beauty and freedom found by exploring the relationship between the body, breath and the dynamic interaction the spirit has weaving those two components together.

For me, dancing is life. It’s as vital as breathing. I don’t flow in my asana (yoga pose) practice so much as I dance through it. In terms of my teaching, I pull heavily from Western spiritual traditions, Kundalini yoga, modern/contemporary dance, and middle eastern bellydance to create a unique and creative fluid yoga flow experience. The focus is always in the breath first, as this should be what drives the movement.

Yoga is a meditative and contemplative practice. It isn’t a space for competition, but you have to step up to the plate to be accountable to yourself. You must be responsible for your practice. There’s always somewhere further down the rabbit hole with this spiritual technology, a deeper layer to learn about with yoga. It can perpetually challenge you and keep you growing, much like the sun can keep all the leaves of the forest reaching towards it. It’s all about inspiration.

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