Movement Arts


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Movement is a huge part of my spiritual practice and creative expression. Movement can lead to a stillness and clarity, a knowledge of self that is difficult to achieve through sitting meditation alone. I also revel in the creative expression found in movement, and the beauty and freedom found by exploring the relationship between the body, breath and the dynamic interaction the spirit has weaving those two components together.

I share my movement practice primarily through Dance and Yoga.

I study Middle Eastern Dance, and perform with a bellydance troupe in mid-Michigan – the Habibi Dancers. I’ve also studied modern dance and ballet, as well as kinesiology (human movement) in college.  I practice hatha and vinyasa yoga, and my “home studio” is Just B Yoga in REO Town, Lansing, where I teach a weekly yoga basics class, as well as occasional yoga workshops.

I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor with the American Council of Exercise (ACE), and hold multiple certifications for yoga instruction, dance instruction, and pre and post natal exercise. I love helping people find their own practice of movement. Check out my class listings calendar (coming soon!) for upcoming movement classes to get the heart pumping and the spirit flowing!

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