Yoga Classes

Current Classes taught by Eli:

All classes currently being taught by Eli are held at Just B Yoga in ReoTown in Lansing, MI.

Here is a link to their Facebook page.

The Just B Yoga Website can be found Here.


My current classes are:

WORKSHOP: Sunday August 6th, Noon – 2pm – Yoga Dance Fusion – Find freedom and expression through movement as we blend yoga flow with modern, sacred and eastern forms of dance. A yoga flow will open the practice to warm the body, then instruction will be given with time to explore and play with yoga/dance ‘phrases’ at the pace of your own breath, before engaging in a yoga dance flow practice. This workshop focuses on fluidity, play, strengthening and engaging with postures from a different perspective.

Ongoing Classes:

Spirit Flow Yoga – Tuesdays at 6pm  – Connect with the voice of your spirit through this meditative movement class that blends gentle slow flow yoga, techniques from Kundalini yoga, breath practice and yoga nidra (a guided meditative relaxation).


LGBTQ Flow (Level 2-3)  – Tuesdays at 7:30pm beginning July 11th – This LGBTQ and Ally-friendly class offers a safe and nurturing space for exploring moving our bodies and connecting with our spirit. Class varies from a flowing yoga sequence to workshop-style classes in which focus is given to a type of posture, transition or philosophy. Poses are taught considering various possibilities like recent surgeries, the effect of hormonal changes or overall body image/identification issues. (Instructors will alternate between Belinda and Eli)


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