About Eli

I look so serious here, but I was honestly just spaced out.

Hi there. I’m Eli (they/them/he/him) and I make stuff – fine art paintings and sculptures, ceramics, conjure art, etc. – and I offer my work to the public through my online shop and through a variety of local vendors (e.g. charity organizations, minority owned businesses, etc.). This gives me the opportunity to do what I’m good at – making stuff – and letting them reap the financial benefit that would traditionally go to a gallery, artist agent, or commercial retailer.

I can’t NOT have a creative outlet. It ranks up there with food and shelter in my personal hierarchy of needs. I also have a need to create a world of peace, harmony, equity and celebration, so naturally I want to achieve this world through the sharing of my artistry.

My brand is made for people who feel the call of ancient wisdoms and the stir of magic in their bones. My art is a message for the LGBTQ+ Queer community, for spiritual seekers, for members of marginalized communities, for those of different abilities, with different types of bodies, and pagans and witches and for anyone who needs to hear this – You are pure fucking Magic, perfect as you are, and it would be my honor to use my Magic (and an artistic medium of mutual choosing) to celebrate the Magic that is You.