Insight, Compassion and Connection – these are the cornerstones of my service offerings.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings

Get psychic insight from the comfort of your own home. I use my inner senses to gain a greater understanding of your circumstances, as well as potential futures (and guidance about how to bring about the best future for yourself).

Mediumship is connecting with loved ones in spirit. I use a format called Evidential Mediumship to help structure my readings to maximize the amount of information I get from a spirit to provide evidence of the continuation of life after death.

All readings (whether for psychic insight or afterlife communication) are $150 for an hour, $100 for forty minutes, or $50 for twenty minutes.

Psychic Art

Sometimes in a reading, a picture is worth a thousand words. As part of a reading, I may produce a Spirit Portrait of a deceased loved one. I may also produce a quick sketch to convey information, such as location or unique shape. I can also create an Auragraph, which is a graphic representation of clairvoyant information that comes through during a reading; or an Auragram, which is a drawing of your aura.

These are all things that can be included in a reading, and there is no extra charge beyond the price of the reading. If you are interested in including Psychic Art as part of your reading, please let me know before we begin (or at the time you book your appointment). **Not all spirits present themselves in a way that can be turned into a spirit portrait.** Psychic art is meant to convey information, rather than to create a piece of art suitable for framing. If your goal is a piece of art to hang on your wall, let me know and we can discuss how to translate your Psychic art into a fine art painting or drawing.

In Person Readings in Old Town Lansing

These sessions take place on Wednesdays at Oracle’s Apothecary in Old Town Lansing. They can be for connecting with the deceased, for psychic insight or both. Bring an object for me to hold to connect to someone who’s passed, or to connect with your energies for intuitive guidance.

Eli is one the most gifted readers I know. They are my go to person when I need guidance and insight, as well as one of my most trusted teachers for spiritual development.

— J.P., San Diego, CA

I’ve been seeing Eli(ge) for years! He doesn’t pull punches or bullshit you – he tells it like it is! He wants you to succeed, and knows the difference between having toxic positivity and a manifesting mindset! He has also helped bring me a sense of closure around the people I’ve lost through his mediumship skills. Highly recommend!

— D.C., Michigan