Mediumship, simply put, is afterlife communication. A mediumship reading is often referred to as a sitting. There are numerous different types of mediumship. Most of these different types are considered mental mediumship.

Mental mediumship refers to spirit communication that is facilitated through the medium’s mind. The mental medium receives impressions from spirit and conveys them to the sitter. I like to think of this process very similarly to working as an interpreter.

Another broad classification of mediumship is physical mediumship. This is where a spirit produces physical phenomenon by using the medium’s energy. Physical mediumship is rather rare. Often you only find this type of mediumship in spiritualist churches (rather than with working mediums).

Evidential Mediumship

Evidential mediumship usually refers to mental mediumship that follows a strict set of guidelines. These guidelines include not asking the medium for a particular spirit to bring through. Instead, the medium picks up the spirits in your immediate energy field to establish communication.

An evidential medium will first bring through information to identify the spirit. This step often brings in physical descriptions, relationship to the sitter, etc. The focus at this point is on recognition of the spirit’s identity.

After establishing who the spirit is, the medium then gives further evidence of the spirit’s identity. This evidence might include personality traits, career, shared memories, and more detailed information.

I tend to work a lot in the format of evidential mediumship. I like this way because it gives more veracity to the information I’m bringing through. While this is my preferred method of operating, I do give space in my readings to bring through a specific spirit that you’d like to speak with.

Sometimes during mediumship sittings, part of the evidence presented may be a spirit portrait. Click here to learn more about my psychic art.

Eli working on a spirit portrait

Reasons for Getting a Mediumship Sitting

There are lots of reasons to seek out a medium for a session. Most people who work with mediums do so because they’ve lost someone close to them, and they want reassurance that their loved ones continue on even after their bodies are gone.

The majority of people work with mediums as part of their grieving process. When we lose someone that we care about, it can put us in a vulnerable position. There are some “professional mediums” who seem to take advantage of this vulnerability. It is my opinion that a person should only consult a medium every few months at the most. There are obviously many exceptions to this “rule”. But I advise this to ensure against two things.

The first thing I want to protect sitters from is predatory “mediums” who mean to empty your wallet. The second is psychic addiction. It can become very easy to give your power to your psychic by placing the burden of decision making on them. When someone is experiencing psychic addiction, it becomes difficult for them to make any meaningful decisions for themselves without consulting their psychic.

I am a staunch believer that psychics and mediums are meant to empower the people that come to see them. I also believe that mediumship can be a powerful tool for healing for those experiencing grief. There are several reputable non-profit organizations that hold this view and work to bring access to highly skilled and accurate mediums to the general public.

One such organization is the Forever Family Foundation. Follow this link to their website to find out more about them.

Psychic Amnesia

There is a phenomenon that happens frequently in mediumship sittings. I call it “psychic amnesia”. This is when a person receives very accurate connections to a spirit through a medium, but no matter how pointed, specific and detailed the information, the sitter simply forgets momentarily that the person coming through exists. This is a result of a number of factors.

The main factor that causes psychic amnesia is that the sitter isn’t expecting a spirit to come through. If you’re coming in for a sitting to connect with Grandma, then you may not recognize your deceased high school bff coming through. It’s sort of like when you see someone out of the normal environment that you know them from, like seeing a co-worker at a party.

Another factor that can cause psychic amnesia is anxiety, nervousness or excitement about the sitting. Big emotions have a big impact on your reading, regardless of what kind of reading you’re getting. Many psychics and mediums will even have you do breathing exercises at the beginning of a reading to relax your flow of energy. This can help the reading flow more easily.

It is rather difficult to contain our emotions at times, and you should feel safe with your psychic to express these feelings. One of the best things you can do to help with psychic amnesia is to come in with an open mind. Try to set aside any preconceptions for what your session will be like. Even then, psychic amnesia can still happen.

Two of the most difficult skills to develop are patience and forgiveness, especially with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up (and try to not become frustrated with your medium). I feel it’s always a good idea to record your reading, and listen to it again a few days after your appointment. (Check with your psychic before recording the session. Different psychics have different policies regarding recordings.)

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