a woman sitting with tarot cards

Sometimes it’s challenging to get a grip on your own psychic senses and intuition. One on One Mentorship is an option to help you learn and grow!

Mentorship sessions can center around a variety of different topics. Each mentorship is individually tailored to your needs. Mentorship sessions can be a one time session, or a personalized mentorship program can be created for you.

Mentorships are available on a limited basis.

Mentorship topics can include:

  • Psychic Development – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Mediumship Development
  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Going Pro – Becoming a professional reader or healer
  • Medical Intuition
  • American Folk Witchery
  • Channeling
  • Tarot and Cartomancy

Mentorship sessions can be scheduled online from my homepage. If you’re interested in setting up a mentorship program, email me here.