Psychic Art

I utilize art in many different psychic modalities. The two most prominent ways are Auragraphs and Spirit Portraits.


Auragraph (Face format), watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, inks, graphite; image contains female form lying on the ground, overlooked by two goddess figures, a rainbow, panda, symbols, a hawk, an exclamation point and eyes – one winking – looking out from a cloud

Auragraphs are artistic renderings of clairvoyant images that I perceive in connection to your aura. There are lots of different ways that auragraphs are expressed. I choose a format for the picture based upon what type of insight you are looking for.

Most auragraphs are drawn in a circular format. This is the way that is traditionally taught through many spiritualist churches. I tend to format the auragraphs that I create in more individual and expressive ways.

Some of the formats I may choose from are faces, crossroads, clocks, geometric designs and animals, to name a few. I create my auragraphs in multiple sessions. This gives me the ability to focus on the person while they are in front of me, and then focus on the drawing for as long as it takes to create.

Initial sessions for an auragraph are basically a 40 minute reading. This gives me the opportunity to really delve into your energy. This also gives me the opportunity to answer questions and explain impressions that may show up in the auragraph drawing. I take notes of the impressions (including quick gesture sketches) while in the reading.

After the initial reading, I work on the auragraph in multiple sessions. I usually take about a week to ten days to complete an auragraph. The amount of time that goes into each auragraph is usually around five to eight hours.

There are multiple artistic mediums that I may incorporate into your auragraph art. Some of my favorites are watercolor pencils, ink, soft pastels, charcoal and Conte crayon. Auragraphs are typically mixed media on 11×17 mixed media or watercolor paper.

If you would like an auragraph on canvas with acrylics and oil paints, contact me and we can set up the commission of the painting.

Spirit Portraits

Spirit portraits are artistic renderings of people communicated to me through spirit. Usually, these are sketches of loved ones that have passed away. Sometimes it may include pictures of spirit guides.

Spirit portraits are created from information given by spirit. It comes through as a combination of clairvoyant flashes and autographia. Autographia is a fancy word for automatic writing or drawing. This is where the information that comes through from spirit is expressed through the movements of my hand while it holds a pencil.

Not all spirit contacts will come through as psychic art. Additionally, sometimes a spirit may guide me to create a drawing of someone who is living. Usually there is a strong reason why a spirit may do this. Your deceased loved one is usually trying to communicate a message concerning the living person in the drawing. I don’t always realize this is happening until the sitter shares who the portrait resembles.

Most spirit portraits are created as a form of evidence of the continuation of life after death. Spirit portraits are sketches – not masterpieces of art. The drawings can be used to identify the spirit coming through when considered along with what is being verbally shared. Most spirit portraits are a likeness – not photographic depictions.

If you’re interested in a spirit portrait, then simply schedule a reading that’s either 40 minutes or an hour. Then just add a comment that you are interested in a spirit portrait to the scheduling form.

Memorial Drawings and Paintings

Many times a spirit may come through in a reading without producing a spirit portrait. I’ve been asked on multiple occasions if I could create a painting or drawing of departed loved ones. The answer is: Absolutely! I’d love to!

Commissioning a memorial piece of art is entirely different from psychic art. I will need a picture of your loved one to work from. We can then determine what medium of art and size will best suit your needs. And, because I know someone will want to know, yes I am happy to paint your fur baby as well. (I am not especially talented in bringing through deceased animals. I usually refer folks to Debby Harden, a wonderful and talented pet psychic, for this kind of work.)

Memorial art does not involve any psychic processes. The goal of a memorial painting is fine art. This means a memorial piece will be much more detailed than psychic art.