Psychic Detective

On occasion, Eli and his fiance Milo, work on open criminal cases or missing persons. They use a wide variety of tools and techniques. These include remote viewing, objective clairvoyance, dowsing, as well as techniques unique to this type of situation.

In open criminal cases, Eli will only work directly with law enforcement. This is to prevent well meaning family members or loved ones from putting themselves into a dangerous situation. This also protects the investigation itself – as a loved one may contaminate evidence, forewarn perpetrators being investigated, or otherwise throw a monkey wrench into the investigative process.

In missing persons cases, Eli can work with law enforcement, search and rescue teams, or family members. There are no true “shortcuts” for finding a missing person. Missing persons cases can take years before the person is found – even with a highly detailed description of there whereabouts.

Psychics do NOT solve cases. We may act as tools for investigators to help them piece together scenarios, find evidence, psychically profile perpetrators, and determine timelines. It is through the work of investigators that actually solve criminal cases.

If you have a case that you’d like Eli to work on, email them directly at