Psychic Readings

Eli Stewart, Psychic Artist and Evidential Medium (headshot picture of Eli in a wide brimmed hat)

Eli has been a professional psychic reader since they were a teenager. They are also perpetually learning, expanding and honing their skills through classes and workshops. This page seeks to explain what it is to be psychic, as well as how to get the best experience when getting a reading.

The Nuts and Bolts of Being Psychic

Psychics open their subtle senses towards your energy in a reading. These subtle senses correlate to the physical senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, plus “knowing”). The information we receive psychically is sensory information. In addition, some of this information may come symbolically.

Psychics use their inner focus to turn this senses to find answers to your questions, and to reveal truths that may be hidden from your view. This is where the art of performing a reading comes into play. We may get information that pertains to your question, but oftentimes we don’t know how it fits. This is why it is most helpful for you to stay actively engaged while getting your reading. The information that comes through is much more likely to make sense to you than it will the person giving you a reading!

Having over twenty years of experience as a professional reader, Eli is able to navigate easily through the intuitive information that comes through. They are also a master at helping you see how it fits into your life so that you can glean the most meaning for your life.

Psychics are not omnipotent, and no psychic is 100% accurate. Sometimes we make mistakes or assumptions that leads to the wrong interpretation. This is why it’s so important to be an active part of your reading. The more engaged you are, the less likely we are to make assumptions.

Different Expressions of Psychic Ability

No two psychics are exactly alike. There are as many unique expressions of psychic ability as there are people on this Earth. In this section, I’ll focus on my own psychic skills and how they apply to getting a reading.

Precognition (Seeing the Future)

The future is not predetermined, or set in stone. I believe that we come into this world with certain “destined experiences” (that some may refer to as “life lessons” or “soul contracts”). When a psychic or intuitive looks at your future, we do so to empower your free will. Sometimes the best predictions are the ones that don’t come trues because you’re able to avoid difficulties or blocks.

I approach predictive work in a way that provides actionable points so that you can avoid challenges and strengthen your successes. My approach is both direct and involves my clients in process of building a future through good choices. I feel that it is a bad practice to take the ability of free will from the people I’m helping. What’s the point of getting a reading if you can’t make changes to better your future? I try to advise folks on the direction that I think will bring them the most benefit. I am always very clear on what I am picking up on directly versus what is my advice.

Deep Dive/Soul Reading

What I refer to as a Deep Dive or a Soul Reading focuses on spiritual development. This type of reading brings into focus how you best engage with your intuition. It also highlights spiritual practices that most align with your goals. This will also bring forward daily actionable practices that will help you achieve the highest vibe and sense of balance. This type of reading is often (but not always) paired with an Auragraph.

Readings for Healing

All readings are ultimately a healing and balancing experience. Everything a reader does is for the purpose of bringing a sense of balance and wellness while navigating the waters of your everyday life. Readings that focus explicitly on healing may involve some aspects of medical intuition, though this isn’t always what people envision. Firstly, as someone who has both taught yoga and massage AND has a chronic genetic condition, I will be the very last person in the world to do the whole “Have you tried yoga/kombucha/herbalism/etc?”. I understand that if you are living with a condition, that it’s best for me to assume that you are already doing everything in your power to live your best life. If you come to see me for this reason, I hope to be guided to new practices within your comfort and ability for you to incorporate.

Secondly, do NOT visit a psychic for a diagnosis. Visit a doctor. And thirdly, medical intuition’s strongest suit is helping people understand the underlying energetic/spiritual/mental/emotional/ancestral components to your state of wellness. Understanding these factors can bring a deeper sense of healing to your journey.

Ableism is a societal mindset, along with colonialism, systemic forms of inequality, and privilege. All of us have all of these traits within us, whether we want to admit it or not. It is our responsibility to meet these mindsets head on, and I am not immune to letting some of these things take up some space in my world view. I ask that if you hear me speaking power to any of these things (e.g. ableism, colonialism, racism, sexism, transphobia, etc.) CALL ME OUT. I will thank you for it.

If you are interested in getting a reading (with me or with someone else), check out this post on how to get the most out of your reading.