Ekstasis: A state of being rapt outside of oneself; a rapture or form of ecstasy

I am a mystic, a witch, a psychic, a healer. These are all terms that define functions or services or actions, but have lost a lot of meaning to me over the years. In short, I connect with the underlying realms (the realms of Spirit, the forces of Nature, the Divine) and I listen. I pay attention and then I convey that back to who I’m sitting for.

Readings are available for the purpose of gaining perspective and direction, or for connecting with deceased loved one or spirit guide. Readings or sittings can be done over the phone or in person.  Mini readings for insight and direction can also be done over text or email.

You can also commission spirit art as part of your reading, where I draw a picture of a spirit that comes through during the reading. A painting can then also be commissioned based upon the spirit drawing brought through during the reading.

I am also available for spiritual coaching sessions focused on your own spiritual and psychic development process.

phone 517-574-3132   email   elige@eligestewart.com  

For more information on the readings or spirit art that I offer, visit www.PsychicSpiritArt.com.